Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 2007

:: blue belt gratitude ::

my deepest thanks to all of you who have so generously supported me (beginning with that first sol nia jam in april!) as i embark on my next level of nia training.

the blue belt is focused on relationships, communication and intimacy. what a natural next step, it seems, not just in nia, but as a deepening of what i have already experienced in the past year.

two summers ago, before i had even moved here, my first thought as i walked into sopris park to enjoy the live music was, "i've found my people." earlier this month, on a saturday afternoon drive to aspen when the leaves were at their most brilliant gold, i realized as i looked at the beauty all around me, "i've found my home."

this valley is my home... and i have been searching a long time. for all of my gypsy ways these past 15 years, i am ready to sink roots deep into mother earth. this valley called me just in time, as most things happen for me... in the 11th hour. i used to fight this trait of mine, calling it procrastination, and then, several years ago, someone re-framed it for me. "you're pressure-prompted," she said, "you do your best 'under the gun'."

so i've stopped fighting against my true nature, and i'm learning that life flows easily when i get out of my own way. one of my students said to me on the phone yesterday, "julie, i'm surprised at how easily things come to you... it amazes me." and i replied, "you know, if there's one thing i've learned it's that there are enough doors swingin' open wide for me... i don't have to push against those that are shut."

this path of ease and grace feels right, kind of like when i am in right alignment in my body. there's an effortless quality that feels vast and nurturing... like all i have to do is show up and give thanks for what already is.

presence. receive. gratitude.

you gotta show up to win, and then you darn well better say, "thanks!"

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