Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 2009

The old Moon in the new Moon's arms

We awaken to a new day... and a new Moon. Wild feminine that she is, she entered in on tip-toe through the back door at 12:55 this morning, mountain time.

Of my own accord, I've decided that 2009 will be the year to celebrate every new "moonth", as the new Moon is a stellar (no pun, etc, etc) time to seed our hopes, wishes and dreams.

Like our ancestors, like the ancients, we will do this by coming together in a sacred circle every month. Sometimes we will gather 'round the glow of a bonfire, sometimes we will bring our stories and talismans to share, sometimes we will bake and break and serve manna from earth, blessed by heaven.

But this first new Moon we will come together, still in a sacred circle, but we will arrive at the circle single-file, as we turn on our computers this Monday morning... the first full week of our president at his new job... and open our emails and connect to the vast web. We will read these words and we will gather 'round the glow of the *computer* and our hearts will warm... knowing, feeling, the others that are already there, and those yet to arrive. For we are all a family, a Universal Family, with a sacred contract to be on this Earthwalk together, right here, right now.

And so...

Today is the first of the new Moons in 2009... yippee! I say. I might've missed out on the whole New Year's resolution (new shoptalk: intention-setting) ritual (and you might have duly written yours, but, right... what were they, and where is that list?) but here we have a second chance... redemption!

Today, if you feel so moved, take a moment and write a list of three items: one hope, one wish, one dream (you may call these intentions or goals or some other like-minded term) that is either attainable in the next month or that you can begin to manifest. Put it on your dream board (like a vision board), in your wallet, tape it to your bathroom mirror, put it on your altar... somewhere you will see it and be gently reminded of what you are creating for your life in this next month.

Here are mine:
  1. to excavate, purge, clear out, burn, let go of all (clothes, books, thoughts, files, scraps) that no longer serve me or my vision
  2. to begin a writer's group
  3. to set the wheels in motion to bring healers, educators, dancers, motivational speakers (and whomever else I find that tickles my fancy) to this valley to heal us, educate us, dance us, motivate us, and yes... tickle us!