Friday, June 6, 2008

June 2008

Follow the Yes...

Every morning, before arising from underneath cozy covers, I do a 10 minute free-write. I find that this leads me to my focus for the day. Some foci from the past week:

peace. presence. process

and today's focus:
Follow the Yes!

For me, following the yes means paying attention to the little signs that present themselves all the time, if i am only PAYING ATTENTION! (Do you remember the e-tiquette that tells us that ALL CAPS means SHOUTING?!?) so i really meant to write, "PAYING ATTENTION!"

Are you?... paying attention that is... right here, right now? Where do you feel your body in this moment? How is your breath? I have been goinggoinggoing since last Thursday, and as I ask the question, "How is your breath?" I immediately feel my own and I realize I'm breathing only in my head.

So I invite you, right here, right now, to breathe with me... to inhale deeply, sensing the air, cool, as it comes into your nostrils, sensing your belly expand as you fill it with chi, with life force... inhaling all the way up your chakra elevator, passing through energy centers that are the color of the rainbow-- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. And when you reach the penthouse, violet and vibrating, right at the crown of your head, I invite you to hang out with me for a moment... 1-one thousand, 2-one thousand, 3-one thousand... and look around at the posh and luxurious surroundings, and feel yourself a part of it All.

And then, ride the chakra elevator down, down, down past the red root cellar and along both legs. Sense the tingling alive energy of your legs as you release the exhale through your feet. And know that as you exhale the chi that was just in you, you are returning it to Mother Earth-- you are feeding her, nurturing her, appreciating her.

With just this breath, just this one breath... you have said a big "Yes!" to Life.
Keep following the yes...

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