Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 2007

:: body + mind + spirit + emotions ::

in preparing last night for the transformational nia workshops next week, i came across a pearl. actually it was a strand of pearls, and it looked like this:

spirit is the energy that allows you to be you.

striking in its simplicity, in its truth. in my experience, this is the essence of nia.

yes, we start with the body, this temple with which we are gifted in order to experience life on earth. and with the right and left brain activation inherent in every nia workout, we have the opportunity to re-wire ourselves: a flexible spine = a flexible mind.

then there's my favorite, the emotions. i quote the founders of nia, debbie rosas and carlos rosas: "emotional involvement empowers you and supports physical movement from the inside out. when you become personally motivated, involved and interested in what you do, more of you is involved in working out. this means more bang for your buck and a greater return on your investment."

but the most bang and the greatest return is when you meet, face to face, your own dancing spirit. you being you: joyous, unleashed, ecstatic, raw, authentic, primal... in a word, Real.

in the end, the most bang and the greatest return is, shall we say, priceless.

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